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Learn German online for free with audio support, pronunciation, courses in English. German for beginners, German grammar, Dialogues and much more.

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What you will find on this page (all articles come with audio support):


German Dialogues - with the aim of getting used to the German language (greetings, polite formulations, phrases in German, essential conversations, dialogues used in everyday life etc.) - 30 dialogues and numerous useful expressions. Visit website: Learn German audio

German for beginners - basic knowledge in the field of German, these articles will help you to have knowledge of pronunciation of the letters, groups of vowels (the German alphabet of every letter and examples of words) and expressions (especially if you are a beginner or have Minimum knowledge) - 18 articles. Visit website: Learn German audio


Hörverstehen (will be added in the future) - a very good communication exercise (listening and reading texts in German, translated into sentences and phrases in English), these exercises will help you to get used to the German language and prepare for the German Höverstehen test, level B2 - 30 articles

German Grammar - a comprehensive guide to grammar to help you speak German properly (you will learn the basics about nouns, genus of nouns, conjugations of verbs at all times, the use of adjectives, declensions of the definite article - der, die, das - and the indefinite article - ein, eine, ein - the formation of numbers, formation of sentences in various cases of prepositions dependent etc.) - comprehensive guidance on grammar, solved exercises and much more. Visit website: Learn German audio

Useful German lessons - some useful information about the prepositions "in" and "mit", terms of medicine (especially useful for nurses), history, geography, the modal verb "dürfen", list of antonyms with examples in phrases, Verbs with dative etc. - 11 articles. Visit website: Learn German audio